CNC Beam Saw Machine For Woodworking

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  • Date:2022/07/08

Generally Speaking, Beam saw cutting machine is a versatile tool for the construction industry. There are many different models available, and some come with attachments. You can find models designed for cutting small pieces of wood and others designed for large pieces of wood. To choose the best machine for your needs, consider its capabilities and cost. You may also consider buying a cnc beam saw or a semi-auto beam saw, which an important member of the woodworking machinery industries for many years. Delivering perfect precision and making the job of cutting parts effortless, this is the perfect product for you, no matter what type of woodworking your business is. At Zhunda Machinery, we fully understand how panel saws work, but do you know? Read on to find out how they work, what they are used for and why they are needed:


What Is A Beam Panel Saw ?

These saws have a large blade for cutting logs of various sizes into beams. Pack saws typically use a variety of different styles of circular blades that can be used for a variety of different jobs. They are the most efficient way to make precise panel cuts using modern software, allowing the saw to get the most out of the material. Many companies use panel saws to cut large sheets into smaller rectangular shapes. Many models are capable of cutting various types of materials, including plastic, phenolic, and non-ferrous metal. They can be loaded manually or automatically from an out feed table at the rear. You can select a single-line model, a dual-line model, or a multi-line machine. You can even purchase an electric beam saw if you want to automate more tasks.


How Do They Work ?

With smart handling and precise cutting, these machines can easily handle high-volume panel-size jobs. A movable carriage saw and powerful pressure beams hold the material in place. There is a rear fence that holds and moves the material to a computer-controlled location. This allows the physical and technical aspects to work together to produce great products and lasting results. The panel saw's saw frame produces high feed rates with a high-powered motor. This allows a scroll saw built into the design to cut laminate and veneer materials. Panel saws are available with optional software equipment that can operate at a range of different angles, and they are also available in compact models.  Many beamsaws are equipped with adjustable feed rates for faster processing and longer blade life. Some even feature serrated blade edges to move small pieces of material away from the cutting face without damaging the blade.


What Are They For ?

Whether you're looking for a CNC beam saw machine for woodworking or a panel saw, the right CNC machine for your shop will depend on your workload and volume. Zhunda 5 axis processing center will allow you to nest your work, but it will require much more programming than a beam saw. Its striebig control panel saw will be simpler to program and manage. Our CNC beam saw machine saves your shop time, increases yield by 30-40%, and reduces waste by four to six percent. Besides, It also produces less waste than other similar machines on the market. You can expect your CNC beam saw machine to last for years. It is also a great investment for any woodworking shop. These machines are more energy efficient than manual models and require very little effort on your part. They will make your panel making business profitable! 




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