Computer Panel Saw

ZD series new revolution computer panel saw has been upgrading from generation of panel saw machines to create accuracy and stability machine, combined with PC base software operating makes easier, faster, and more convenience of machine functions

How To Utilize The Computer Panel Saw ?

A computer panel saw has many advantages. It is highly versatile and can be used to cut various types of materials including plywood, plastic, and more. It is also incredibly accurate and can even produce a finer cut than a conventional bandsaw. Its cutting speed is very fast, and it can be set according to the thickness of the material being cut.


Moreover, it has an intelligent numerical control design and is able to adjust its speed based on the material being cut. It is very stable and quiet, and it can automate trimming and stacking. It is also safe, stable, and quiet, and is designed to save the operator's time. The cutting layout can be customized for a particular job and maximize production efficiency. It is the best choice for a production environment, since it allows you to customize the layout of the board without worrying about the size.


ZhunDa computer panel saw is able to cut a variety of materials. It uses mechanical arms to clamp the wooden boards, while high-precision servo controls the feeding precision. Unlike other panel saws, this CNC machine can cut up to four layers of 25mm plywood at a time. It has a much higher cutting efficiency than a sliding saw, and is perfect for mass cutting of wooden boards. If you're looking for a quality wood panel cutter, a computer-controlled panel saw is the best option.


Another advantage of  ZhunDa's full automatic computer saw is its ability to automatically adjust its speed based on the material being cut. Using the intelligent control system, the saw blade doesn't stop. It can also automate trimming and stacking. The computer panel saw is safe, quiet, and has an excellent cut. It can greatly increase your production efficiency, and it doesn't require a lot of manual labor. It also reduces your risk of injury by making cuts that are smaller than your competitors'.


A computer-controlled panel saw is the best choice for any company that wants to cut a large number of panels at a time. With a CNC, you can set the desired width, thickness, and more. It can also optimize the layout of the cut sections. Its advantages are many. If you're a professional woodworker, a CNC is a great investment. This machine can help you save money while cutting a variety of materials. Once you have your panel-saw, you'll be able to cut it in the most efficient way possible.

What Computer Panel Saw Can Do For Your Woodworking ?

Panel saws are used to cut plywood, MDF, particle board, veneer and other materials, and are essential woodworking equipment. Panel saws are now categorized by their mode of operation - manually operated or computer numerically controlled (CNC). In the past manual panel saws were very popular and widely used, but now computer controlled machines are becoming more and more popular as computer panel saws are safer, more efficient and more precise in high volume production . The speed at which the material is cut. Many customers suggest that the CNC panel cutting machine is their machine of choice. Compared to manual panel saws, the main advantages of CNC panel saws are:


1. High precision and high speed

With the improvement of living standards, people's requirements become higher and higher, which requires manufacturers to produce high-quality furniture, so furniture manufacturers need more advanced machinery and equipment in production, and the current physical work can no longer meet the requirements.


The computer panel saw machine has extremely high cutting precision and high-speed cutting function, which makes the cutting contour smoother and more perfect, ensuring better edge sealing effect and foil effect. lamination or film.


The high speed function makes the CNC panel saw very efficient. Compared with manual saws, it is equivalent to the workload of about 10 manual table saws, which makes the CNC panel saw more economical and reduces labor costs -work.


2. Security

Compared with manual panel cutters, CNC panel cutters are safer. Manual panel saw is very dangerous for workers to operate, and it is easy to hurt workers' fingers or hands in daily work, but CNC panel saw is safe, it is CNC speed regulation and variable frequency, no need to manually slip the hardware once. A Japanese man told us that the most important reason we choose CNC cutting machine to cut materials is the safety of CNC machine tool operation. In Japan, protection is very important, if your workers are injured in production, the Japanese government will consider it a very serious accident and you will face severe penalties and huge fines, so safety is very important to them, like many European countries.


3. Widely used

CNC panel saws are used to cut a wide variety of materials, not only as manual panel machines cut wood like plywood, MDF, particle board, but also MMPA, aluminum, plastic, PS panels and PC panels. Recently, more and more materials are used in furniture as raw materials or decoration, and the cutting ability of manual panel cutters is limited, so CNC panel saws are suitable for you.


CNC panel saws offer the same advantages as other types of CNC machines. For companies producing a large number of panels, the most important advantage is excellent repeatability on large production runs and the ability to produce panels at high speeds when the saw has a large table. If you choose between manual panel saws and CNC models, you should also consider the other advantages of CNC machines:


Keep the operator away from the cutting mechanism

• Eliminate waste caused by human error

• Less training time required than manual machines

• Higher resale value than manual machines

• An operator can manage two or more machines simultaneously


These advantages can have a positive financial impact and reduce the cost of CNC equipment. Before concluding that CNC machine tools are too expensive, consider the financial impact of eliminating human error in the cutting process and reducing injuries from saws on the job.


In the woodworking industry, CNC machines are a recent trend in the global market. There are not only CNC cutting machines, but also CNC drills, CNC routers, CNC engraving machines, etc.





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